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Everything To Know About Online Training

Your online training program is delivered 100% online through our powerful yet easy to use app. The app will walk you through each workout step-by-step with how-to videos for each exercise.


Online training is all about giving you the following:

  1. Flexibility to schedule your workouts at your convenience

  2. Affordable personal training

  3. 24/7 accountability and motivation

  4. Instant access to your trainer for any questions

  5. Progress tracking - see your results!

  6. And much more!

Take a look below to see what is all included in online training and how it looks.


Custom Workout Program

I will personally create a completely customized workout plan that aligns with your health/fitness goals, schedule and preferences. Only have time for a 30 minute workout? No problem. Need a hotel bodyweight workout for when you are on a work trip? Done. 

The key here is "custom". This is not a cookie cutter workout program that gets automatically assigned to each of my clients. This is a CUSTOMIZED program designed very specifically for YOU and YOUR goals.

Coaching Calls

This is the time to check in on your progress, see how your month is going, review goals, make adjustments, and answer any of your questions.

Image by Allie
Coaching Calls

Progress Tracking

Progress tracking provides invaluable data to not only yourself, but also to me as your trainer. By tracking progress (weights, reps, sets, rest, rate of perceived exertion, body measurements, habit compliance, etc.) it not only provides great motivation to see how far you have come, it also allows me to continually adjust your program to maximize results and meet you at the perfect level.

progress tracking.PNG
Progress Tracking
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