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Reasons to Workout (That Have Nothing To Do With Weight Loss)

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

We all know that exercise is good for us. The fitness industry has been on the rise in the last few decades as “wellness” gains popularity as a trend. Most advertising about the fitness industry is focused around weight loss. However, there are many other valid (and maybe more important) reasons to make exercise a regular part of your routine. In this article we will review some broad categories and each will contain several good reasons to start exercising. None of them have anything to do with weight loss.

First of all, regular exercise allows you to live your life to the fullest and do what you want to do. Do you want to climb mountains or contribute to the well being of the human race through your work or simply have the energy to be a good parent? Regular exercise increases energy levels, focus, strength, stamina, balance, coordination, and more. Those are all important to living a full life. Plus, regular exercise develops skills like goal setting, discipline and perseverance which are all valuable skills for living an extraordinary life.

Another good reason to workout is simply for the health of it.  Regular exercise has been proven to decrease the risk of many chronic diseases (Diabetes, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis, some kinds of cancer, and viral infections such as the cold and flu.) Similarly, regular exercise has a significant impact on mental health. Research has shown a decrease in stress, anxiety and depression in participants who make exercise a part of their regular routine. Exercise can positively impact serotonin and dopamine levels in your brain. This improves your mood and sense of well-being. Being physically and mentally healthy contributes significantly to being able to live the life you want to live and do the things you dream of accomplishing.  

Finally, exercise improves your self image. Even if you don’t lose any weight, exercise can help you to feel confident and grateful for your body because you have experienced first hand that it can do hard and amazing things. You might also find yourself feeling more confident about achieving goals and doing hard things outside of the gym because of the success you have had inside it. You’ve learned discipline and hard work, you’ve seen yourself accomplish great things, you’ve become grateful for what your body and mind can do and now you are ready to take on the world. 

I encourage you to look at the big picture and remember your WHY. What are your goals that you want to accomplish through exercise? Dream big! Bigger than a body built for the beach. Dreams that can change your life and the lives of those around you for the better. 

Now go for it!


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