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Exploring The Shuswap / Okanagan Valley

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

This post is for those interested in the adventures we've had since moving to Salmon Arm, BC.

You can watch our moving video here and read about why we decided to move here. I also wrote about how the move went and what the first month was like here.

Since arriving we've made an effort to explore our surrounding area (mainly The Shuswap and Okanagan Valley but we also made trips to Revelstoke and Lake Louise.)

Of course we first had to see what the town of Salmon Arm had to offer. Personally my favourite feature of this town is Shuswap Lake.

Click the arrow on the right of the photo to scroll through the photos.

We've done some fun hikes nearby...

And some a bit farther away...

We also found a lovely biking spot- the Okanagan Rail Trail starting in Vernon. We've gone there a few times already.

And last but not least, we've spent quite a bit of time paddle boarding and swimming at various beaches!

I have found that time spent at the lake is good for my soul. It quiets doubts and eases homesickness. I always leave feeling refreshed and at peace.

As I write this, I feel very spoiled thinking about all the amazing things we've done and seen in the past two months. I'm glad we packed it all in when we did because with the crazy wildfire season we are having right now, all the smoke has made it tricky to be outdoors safely the last two weeks. For many reasons, we are praying for rain and for the fires to be put out.

Now we're looking forward to visiting friends and family in Ontario soon, and having some of them come visit us later this summer and fall.

Anyway, thanks for following along with our journey. If you're the praying type, pray for BC- for all the wildfires and people on evacuation order. Thank you!


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2 Kommentare

Thanks for showing us these amazing photos! What a picturesque place! Our creator is amazing! Blessings on you guys as you fly home, to visit. I know you are missed.

Gefällt mir
Tricia Martin
Tricia Martin
23. Juli 2021
Antwort an

Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the photos.

Gefällt mir
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