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Go-To Meals and Snacks Template

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

When it comes time to meal plan, or if you're not a meal planner, when 4:30pm comes around, it can be hard to think of ideas. We know there are many healthy recipes we like, or that our family likes, but we just can't think of what they are in the moment.

When that happens it can be tempting to reach for something easy, or pre-packaged.

To make it easier to make healthy choices, I suggest keeping a running list of your favourite or go-to meals and snacks (download below.) You can add to it as you try new recipes or think of old favourites.

Either way, every time you look at it you can be inspired to make one of your favourite healthy meals, or choose a healthy snack.

This kind of tool creates a supportive environment, and sets you up for success.

In the same way, meal planning sets you up for success. If you plan healthy meals for the week, you'll be more likely to cook them (and eat them) than if you rely on last minute inspiration every day.

It's small habits like this that work together to help you improve your overall health.

Click on the PDF below to download the template and try it out for yourself!

Go-To Meals and Snacks Template
Download PDF • 152KB


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